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Applied Intelligence

Implement and integrate practice-ready AI techniques, such as machine learning for prediction & classification, evolutionary computation for optimization, federated ML for security & efficiency, physics-informed machine learning, natural language processing (NLP), Edge AI/ML, and MLOps

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Applied R&D

Implement cutting-edge engineering and technology research into practice in Energy and Transportation industries; transfer technology from the state of the art to the standardized state of the practice;

Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) projects

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Software Engineering

Skillful engineering of software architecture, infrastructure, and database; professional development & automated testing;

DevOps & DevSecOps;

continuous integration & deployment (CI/CD);

agile process-oriented product & project management (PMP)

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Data Management

Prepare data for analysis; use best practices to design data architecture for collection, QA/QC, storage, documentation, access, governance and security

Domain-Specific Data Science

Democratize data science for professionals in any industry; custom no-code intuitive portals to learn while doing

Infrastructure Asset Management

Make data-driven decisions for infrastructure preservation and maintenance; from forecasting asset conditions to optimizing project portfolios

About Us

Callentis Consulting Group is a small research, development, and consulting company, focused on integrating the latest proven technologies into existing business processes to create growth and opportunity. With extensive background in engineering and computational science, our team offers software and hardware development for a variety of science and technology applications, and diagnostic support for data-driven decision processes.

Meet the Callentis leadership team.

Andrew Drach, PhD

Founder and President

Dr. Drach has over ten years of experience in numerical modeling techniques, applied statistics, data science, custom software and hardware development, and renewable energy engineering. He has published over 40 peer-reviewed articles, presented at over 20 international conferences, and gave 4 invited talks. He did his postdoctoral training in Computational Engineering and Sciences at the University of Texas at Austin. He holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the University of New Hampshire.

Monika Jociunaite, MS

Creative Director

Mrs. Jociunaite has over ten years of experience in business data analysis, creative communication, data visualization, and user experience design. She has extensive experience working in 5 different countries, and assisting large multinational firms with their regional marketing strategies. She has successfully helped more than 15 companies with the creative design of their product and functionality to offer a seamless user experience. Mrs. Jociunaite holds two bachelors degrees in Economics and Business Administration, and two masters degrees in International Business and Marketing.

Nima Kargah-Ostadi, PhD, PE, PMP

Vice President

Dr. Kargah-Ostadi has over ten years of experience in applied statistics, data science, machine learning, evolutionary computation, and transportation infrastructure asset management. He has published over 15 peer-reviewed articles, and presented at over 20 conferences, workshops, and webinars. He holds a PhD in Civil Engineering and a doctoral minor in Computational Science from Penn State University. He is a registered Professional Engineer and a certified Project Management Professional.

we love diagnostic conversations.

Let us brainstorm together to discover what is working and what needs improvement in your current business process.

computational science is our expertise.

We formulate and quantify your objectives, prepare and clean your data, and then select analysis tools that fit your data and performance metrics.

A diagnostic approach to turn data into decisions.

The following demonstrates our overall approach to data-driven decision-support.



We will work together to formulate and quantify the problem. This is not a templated approach. We will work with you to explore and understand your unique business objectives, processes, and performance metrics. This will lead to a list of questions to answer using available data.



Using best practices in Data Management, we will collect, verify (QC), pre-process, and clean your data to make it ready for the planned analytics. We will design database architecture and governance approach to ensure seamless flow of data from multiple sources through analysis tools.



With extensive experience in data science, our experts will use pertinent techniques to analyze your data and information to extract meaningful insights for an informed decision. This could involve recognizing patterns, segmenting and clustering, predicting future trends, optimizing multiple objective functions, and automating workflows, among others.



We will use visualization dashboards to communicate analysis results to you and will provide quantitative metrics for you to evaluate data-driven insights and whether they would improve your business performance.



Our experts will help in seamless integration of analysis results and/or analytics tools into your current process at appropriate frequency, and lay the foundation for continuous process improvement.

Start today with a diagnostic conversation.